Why Pick A School With Day Boarding Concept

In a country like India, education is considered key to create a bright future for children. A comprehensive development approach is essential from a young age to instill a strong foundation in a child. Therefore, a need for a wholesome education arises. As a part of wholesome development, it is most crucial to engage a child in games, sports and other extracurricular activities besides regular academics. The importance of vocation is essential to understand and must have a prominent place in a school curriculum.

Co-curricular activities encourage creative and inventive thinking in young minds, moreover, helps the mind relax from the relentless stress of scoring well in examinations. Therefore, in the long run, these activities play an essential role to cater a wholesome education to students. To include different activities in a day’s time-table, it is essential to prolong the hours spent at school. Hence, the concept of day boarding schools in Gurgaon comes into light.

When we say long hours that doesn’t mean a child will be pushed to a limit of spending nine to ten hours at the school without any rest or recuperation. The concept has been in existence for quite some time, with a well-planned schedule allowing children to complete their academic work during schools hours. Therefore, a child goes home only to utilize their time involving in activities which are individualistically enriching. Children or parents needn’t worry about carrying heavy bag packs to schools as many day boarding IGCSE schools in Gurgaon have an independent locker system.

Another plus point of day boarding schools is that the administration knows how to manage the student-teacher ratio perfectly. A perfect example of this is Meenakshi World School.


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